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Download Found WhatsApp MOD APK Latest Version 2020 – One of the most popular WhatsApp mods is Fouad WhatsApp, which was developed by Fouad Mods. WhtasApp MOD has other features which are obviously not available in the normal version of WhatsApp.

For example, its superiority is that it can easily change its appearance in a variety of interesting thematic decisions. Of course, full privacy features have also been added. Below is an overview of all the functions of Fouad WhatsApp.

In the foreground Fouad WhatsApp

The following features are available in the WhatsApp version of Fouad, which you have not yet found in the official version of WhatsApp, downloaded from the PlayStore

Data protection functions

  • Hide online status This function allows you to easily hide the online status if you are active in the WA application. Your friend or partner does not know that you are opening the WhatsApp application.
  • Hide input status When you enter the message you want to send, your chat partner knows that you are entering a message. Well, on WhatsApp WhatsApp, you can hide it.
  • Anti Delete Message With this function, opponents of the chat cannot extract or delete the messages they send.
  • Hide Ceklis 2 (gray and blue) With this function, you can deceive the opponents of the cat. If you activate these two functions and a friend sends a message, the status message on his mobile phone is just a check (is considered not yet sent). Even if you read the message. This function can be activated for the group.
  • Always online This function is the opposite of the online status hiding function. If you activate this function, you will still be seen online, even if you sleep without a mobile phone.

Additional MOD

Many additional MODs in use, here are some additional features available in WA WAU:

  • Setting video quality By default, WhatsApp offers a limit for sending video files of only 16 MB. If the video you send is larger, Whatsapp automatically compresses it to 16 MB. Well, in Fouad, you can set the video size to 100MB.
  • Maintaining image quality when sending In addition to video files, an image file that is too large is automatically compressed. Fouad WA allows you to adjust the quality of the images sent so as not to affect the quality of the resolution of the images sent
  • Sending 90 images at a time By default, WhatsApp can only send 10 images. However, with WA MOD Fouad, you can send up to 90 images at the same time.
  • Sending files (APK, PDF, ZIP) and other files up to 700 MB With standard WhatsApp, only document files of 100 MB can be sent. With Fouad Mods WA, you can send video files up to 700MB in size.
  • Increase the duration of the status video to 7 minutes. By default, you can only download the video status for 30 seconds. But not with Fouad WA, you can increase the duration of the video status up to 7 minutes without being cut into pieces.
  • Add text up to 255 characters If you can usually only write status text with 155 characters, this time you can add text characters up to 255 characters with WA MOD.
  • Adding groups Up to 260 standard members, only 155 members can be created. In Fouad WA, you can create groups with up to 260 members.
  • Fouad WA sticker function The sticker function has also been added, which definitely adds extra excitement when chatting in the found WhatsApp app in an entertaining way. And of course, many other additional MOD functions that can be used for free.

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